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Service Engineer - Ahm (EPD)

Department: Service - Ahmedabad Office
Location: Ahmedabad

My role is to make Phillips Corporation the best supplier of manufacturing technology there will ever be, by –

  1. 1.     Being a role model user of MyCDT!, thereby causing myself and all partners I work with to accomplish what we never believed to be possible;
  1. 2.     I will give all my customers a legendary service by attending all the service calls within the least time possible.  
  1. I will Support the common goal to be the best Haas service department in the world by being the best Haas Service Engineer in the world.
  1. 4.     I will never accept mediocrity. I will ensure Phillips Machine Tools India Pvt Ltd is the best distributor in the world by forever being on the path to find the best way to accomplish any task set before me and I will always be willing to learn from my peers 
  1. 5.     To make sure that our Service Department resolves all the issues and becomes a role model department, we will ensure that my daily work, with problem solving summary as well as the list of critical issues should be made available to our Senior as well as junior people at their ease to learn and rectify the problems accordingly.
  1. 6.     I will make sure that I become the virtuous in using Haas portal and deliver the best possible service.
  1. 7.     To become the best service engineer, I will ensure that I am ready to travel wherever required and will work as per the set procedures and rules, also will make sure that the breakdown time of the machine comes to zero.
  1. 8.     In order to create the best service team in the world I will perform beyond my own expectations for every customer I come in contact with and I will adapt as required to meet the changing market. I wil give both electrical and mechanical support. 
  1. I will be the best technician in the world by my relentless pursuit of perfection, my unending thirst for knowledge, my desire to see my company prosper, and my total dedication to our customer’s needs.
  1. I will prove my dedicated to the Haas measuring criteria by practicing open communication with management to help insure I am the best Service Engineer Phillips Machine Tools India Pvt Ltd has who is doing both Machine installation & commissioning on time.
  1. 11.  I will ensure that I will arrange proper parts, will search right parts under warranty / out of warranty machine to become the best service engineer as well as to give the best service possible.
  1. 12.  Promote a friendly working environment with all coworkers to make Phillips Machine Tools India Pvt Ltd an organization any person would want to work for. 
  1. 13.  To ensure the financial success of Phillips Machine Tools India Pvt Ltd I will treat all service income as though the money was my own. 
  1. 14.  I will be successful at any task set before me because I will never settle for anything less. Failure is not an option. 
  1. 15.  I will build outstanding customer relationships by listening to and solving customer problems, by using my critical thinking skills and my supportive team as resources. 
  1. 16.  I will promote excellent communications between myself and my coworkers for the free exchange of knowledge and Ideas. 
  1. 17.  As a brand ambassador,  I will partner with our customers and suppliers to improve competencies for applying manufacturing technology resulting in leaps in productivity. I will make sure all of my customers (internal & external) are always operating at optimal performance. 
  1. 18.  Customer problems will become my problem and I will be relentless in finding a resolution to these issues. I will not accept this can't be fixed or there is no answer. The customer will be 100% satisfied with the results. 
  1. 19.  Maintain a positive attitude despite all the negative influences so that my enthusiasm and attitude about my job is contagious to other people and our customers. 

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